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Membership in SOCI

Membership in SOCI is $10 per year (July 1 though June 30 of the following year) or $100 for a life membership. Membership dues go to cover the web site, liability insurance and mailing expense.  To join, get the membership application below.  You should also download the "New Shay Owners Manual".

If you have technical questions go to the "Discussion Forum" and feel free to ask questions.  Click the button below.  You can also search he forum.  There is a wealth of knowledge about our Shays in the Forum history.

Shay Meetings

Many members like to participate in Shay meetings.  There is always a National meeting and usually several regional meetings.  Regional meetings are organized by volunteers around the country.  Anyone can organize a regional meeting.  At the meetings, most members bring their Shay but that is not required.  You can fit in and have a good time without the Shay.  The host will set up prearranged local attractions such as museums, plant tours, parks, restaurants, etc.  We drive our Shays around to the local attractions, eat out and talk a lot.  We meet people we have communicated with on the forum.  We help each other and learn from each other.  If your Shay breaks down you will have a bunch of members fixing it before you know what happened.  Look at the meetings pages and check out the future meetings and look over the past meeting history.

SOCI Officers
7-1-23 through 6-30-25

The SOCI National Meeting was in held in Ashland, Ohio in June 2023. The officers were elected as shown below - President, Vise - President, Treasurer..

Morgan Harris.jpg

Morgan Harris


Larry Dringenberg_edited.jpg

Larry Dringenberg

Vice President


Rob Arntzen

Treasurer & Web Master


Gary Wood

Former Web Master who over many years gathered and presented most of what you see on this web site.

We regret that we CAN NOT ANSWER any question regarding a technical or historical aspect of the Shay automobile.  If you have such a question, we invite you to please post it directly on our fine Discussion Forum:

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